Схема sony da-778

схема sony da-778
The model name, destination and the software version are displayed. KEY CHECK MODE • Button check • Procedure: While depressing the A.F.D. and the AM buttons simultaneously, press the power ?/1 button to turn on the main power. “REST 23” appears. Page 39 HCD-DP900D 6-16. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM – MAIN (3/3) SECTION – • See page 22 for Waveforms. • See page 62, 63 for IC Block Diagrams. Explore Knowledge Base … now easier, faster, more comprehensive … Search our expansive knowledge base for frequently asked questions on currently manufactured and legacy products.

This article lists the Universal Remote codes for DVD players that may be programmed in to the remote for your iiNet TV with Fetch set top box. Also, clicking the version at the upper right on the revised page allows you to jump to the next revised page. Releasing Procedure : Press three buttons of PLAY MODE , x and m simultaneously.

Parts Identification The items are arranged in alphabetical order. Example: E 61 10… Page 4 HCD-DP900D Ver 1.5 SERVICE POSITION • DISC TRAY LOCK The disc tray lock function for the antitheft of an demonstration disc in the store is equipped. Page 42 HCD-DP900D 6-19. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM – DSP (2/2) SECTION – • See page 63 for IC Block Diagrams. Replace only with part number specified. 33. 33 STR-K660P Ref. No. Part No. Description Remarks Ref. No. Part No. Description Remarks SECTION 5 ELECTRICAL PARTS LIST The components identified by mark 0 or dotted line with mark 0 are critical for safety.

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