Kawasaki vulcan схема

kawasaki vulcan схема
Kawasaki initially designed the 650 inline twin using elements from the cylinders of the 1,200 cc four-cylinder powerplant, employing the same 81-mm bore with a slightly longer stroke that would suit better the mid-sized sport roadster. The 942cc air-cooled twin features a low seat height, confidence-inspiring handling, and stylish looks that have proven to be a hit across the demographic range. An attractive price (in the grand scheme) doesn’t hurt either. Приборная панель на Vulcan смонтирована на топливном баке, а не на руле. Since the frame was lowered, Randall also cut two inches from the center of the sidestand to keep the bike from standing too upright and risking a tumble when unattended. The Vulcan S takes on motorcycles like Harley-Davidson’s Street 500/750, and the brand new Honda Rebel 500, joining the fight with an ace in terms of power. The Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 was powered by a 1552cc liquid-cooled, SOHC, V-Twin engine and included three variations on the theme: the Classic, Nomad and Mean Streak.

Following Kawasaki’s ECO indication on the bike’s display can easily deliver 50 mpg (4.7 l/100km), something that is much easier to achieve in the city. Price Checker Range of prices within your search. The liquid-cooled, 2053cc V-Twin engine produced and amazing 141 lb.-ft. of torque at 2,800 rpm. Дополнительная передача снизила бы обороты на крейсерских скоростях на хайвэе, уменьшая тем самым вибрацию и шум от двигателя. Но, по большому счету, не было чувства, что мотоцикл работает на пределе на скорости больше сотни. Although the V-twin Bolt emits a fair amount of vibration through its grips when pushed to 80 mph and beyond, the engine’s abundant flywheel effect combines with a rhythmic power-pulse cadence that delivers a very soothing sort of charisma when ridden at more relaxed revs. Orr found the Vulcan’s standard reach setup to be a little cramped, leading to speculation that the extended saddle and peg placement might prove more fitting. It’s worth noting that the various Ergo Fit components are also sold as accessories, meaning an owner can change ergos after purchase.

Видеок содержанию ↑ В выборе мотоцикла начинающему могут помочь не только технические характеристики, различные описания и фото. Price Checker Range of prices within your search. Good shift action and predictable clutch operation on both bikes make easy work of getting from one traffic signal to the next. A steadfast Kawasaki model, the Vulcan series has been a part of Kawasaki’s model line-up since the introduction of the Kawasaki Vulcan 750 in 1985. Vulcans represent Kawasaki’s cruiser line of motorcycles and have come in a variety of sizes from as small as 500cc to as large as 2053cc. The Kawasaki Vulcan’s five-speed gearbox sent power to the rear wheel via a shaft drive. Это мотоцикл с низкой посадкой водителя, а также с низким центром тяжести, что облегчает управление не такого уж и легкого байка.

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